Tasheema L. Fair, MD, FACOG | At a Glance

Dr. Tasheema L. Fair was prompted by a lifelong desire to serve others as a health care professional to pursue a career as a doctor. An innate motivation to help people drove Dr. Fair to follow her dreams and earn an MD from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center. She has since remained abreast of trends and developments in medicine as a member of the Georgia Medical Society, and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. She feels she has been able to achieve her goals due to sheer diligence, hard work, and an ability to follow a straight and narrow path. In addition to a long-standing love for giving the people in her community the attentive care that she feels they deserve, Dr. Fair remains dedicated to the population she serves by providing them with attentive, timely and personalized care, and she is committed to serving her country with the same diligence. 

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